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Friends of Rye Town Park is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit volunteer citizens' group formed in 1991 by residents of Rye Town (City of Rye, Port Chester, Rye Brook, and Rye Neck). We work cooperatively with but independently from the Rye Town Park Commission, the municipal body that governs, manages and operates the park and beach.

OUR MISSION is to restore the park's landscape and work to preserve its beauty and historic significance for the enjoyment and passive recreation of the community -- a renaissance that began in 1991 after decades of neglect and deferred maintenance.

We rely primarily on private donations to fund our projects. Since its formation in 1991, Friends has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund stages of its master plan, bringing welcome improvements to many areas of the park and reintroducing some of the splendor that existed in the early 1900s when the park was established.

Our PAST PROJECTS include:

  • Restoring and expanding the duck pond
  • Installing a decorative metal gate at the pond stairs
  • Rewiring the original lamp posts that line the park's walkways
  • Erecting an information kiosk to aid park visitors
  • Replacing old chain link fencing bordering the beach with decorative iron fencing
  • Planting over 100,000 perennial bulbs
  • Creating colorful flowering beds in and around the park
  • Installing teak benches at scenic spots throughout the park
  • Replacing some of the old cement benches along the walkways with eco-friendly benches
  • Funding a professional inventory of the park's trees
  • Purchasing new pond aerators
  • Contributing toward on-going pruning, preservation and replacement of the park's trees
  • Creating butterfly and sundial gardens
  • Installing a lightning rod on the tallest tree in the park to minimize tree damage during thunder storms in the park
  • installing a Duck Feed Vending Machine to encourage the public to feed natural food to the water fowl instead of bread and cake