Duck Pond Ducks

Easily identified by the iridescent green patch in its wings, the Green Winged Teal prefers shallow ponds with lots of emergent vegetation. It also frequents tidal creeks,  mudflats and marshes to more open water, making Rye the perfect place to call home.



One of the most familiar inhabitants of urban pond parks, the Mallard is easily recognizable. The male has an iridescent green head, rusty chest and gray body. The female is less flashy, with mottled brown coloring. Most people are familiar with the females’ loud series of quacks, but the males have a softer, rasping call. Mallards are generally monogamous, pairing up in the fall and often courting throughout the winter. Breeding takes place in the spring, but only the female incubates the eggs and takes care of the ducklings as shown here.