Earth Day sculptural exhibit

An art exhibit will be on view in Rye Town Park for the month of April.

Artist Tomoko Amaki Abe iis installing "Ukiyo - Floating World," on April 7. (Ukiyo refers to the temporary world). Tomoko Amaki is a Rye resident who works out of Port Chester's Clay Art Center.

The exhibit is part of a combined series of art and environmental events and activities throughout the city of Rye, entitled “Rye Rocks.”

These activities are focused on celebrating “"Earth Day  -- Protecting The Earth and the Art Within it -  2013”. A reception and activities will be held in the park on Saturday, April 20th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The rain date will be Sunday, April 21.  The reception and exhibit are free and open to the public.  There may be a charge for parking depending on the weather. 

About this work, Tomoko states: “As much as I appreciate the beauty and richness of the coastal environment that I live in, I have also been conscious of the rise of sea level and the expansion of flooding plane due to climate change.”  She hopes the installation will remind people of how precious and fragile nature is and the alarming natural changes we are experiencing.

The sculptures in the park pond will be floating on the water. Each sculpture is made out of burned rice paper coated with resin and embedded porcelain pieces, which will not negatively affect the pond or waterfowl.

Recycled water bottles collected by students at Rye Middle School are attached at the bottom of the sculpture pieces and will function as buoys. Solar powered LED lights inside the bottles will illuminate the sculpture at night.

This exhibit is co-sponsored by Rye Town Park, with additional support from the Rye Arts Center and Clay Art Center in Port Chester.