Past Projects

Our PAST PROJECTS include:

  • Restoring and expanding the duck pond
  • Installing a decorative metal gate at the pond stairs
  • Rewiring the original lamp posts that line the park's walkways
  • Erecting an information kiosk to aid park visitors
  • Replacing old chain link fencing bordering the beach with decorative iron fencing
  • Planting over 100,000 perennial bulbs
  • Creating colorful flowering beds in and around the park
  • Installing benches at scenic spots throughout the Park
  • Funding a professional inventory of the park's trees
  • Purchasing new pond aerators
  • Contributing toward on-going pruning, preservation and replacement of the park's trees
  • Creating butterfly and sundial gardens
  • Installing a lightning rod on the tallest tree in the park to minimize tree damage during thunder storms in the park
  • Installing a Duck Feed Vending Machine to encourage the public to feed natural food to the water fowl instead of bread and cake