Current and Past Projects

  • Bottle Filling Station

    We are working with Rye Town Park to purchase and install water bottle refilling stations (with water fountain and dog bowl attached!) throughout the Park.  This will help us to eliminate waste in the form of plastic water bottles, will help keep plastic and bottle caps out of the Long Island Sound, and will ensure access to fresh, clean water for all park goers.  Support us by donating now.

  • Duck Feed Dispensing Machine

    We ❤ the ducks!  Please feed them only approved duck feed, which you can buy at our on-site dispenser for 25 cents.  Bread and other people food causes harm to the ducks - it hurts their intestines and digestive systems.  All proceeds from the sale of approved duck feed are used to aid in ongoing maintenance of the pond.  Thank you for helping us to keep the ducks safe and healthy!

  • Pond Gate

    In 2013, Friends decided to design and fund a custom iron gate to close off the stairs. which would allow pond access for maintenance purposes but protect park visitors and the pond's waterfowl from accident or injury at the same time.    

    Looking ahead, our Master Plan includes additional custom iron fencing around the pond as budgets and time allow.

  • Re-Foresting the Park

    New trees are planted in the park yearly to replace diseased or fallen trees.